Common mistakes to avoid when making curtains

curtains 5Golden Rule in curtain making always measure twice before cutting once.

When pressing be careful not to shrink the fabric, take care not to use too hot an iron and avoid using steam as it may stain fabric as well as cause shrinkage. If you need to press the fabric, press it before measuring and cutting so any potential shrinkage will occur before the curtains are made.
If curtains contain half widths put them on the outside edges.
Put a pin in the bottom of the right side of a fabric or lining when you cut each drop. This helps you get the plain fabric/lining all the right way up and facing the right way when joining it. The difference in grain and sheen can be very subtle.
Make sure the bottoms of the joined fabric or lining are straight after joining.
After joining the lining to the fabric pin them together along the bottom. This stops the lining slipping up when you smooth the curtain out before applying the heading tape.
Sew the heading tape on in the same direction along the top and bottom of the tape. This stops the fabric pinching up.